Hey! I’m Carol.

Carol exploring Toronto

© Carol Salinas | City of Toronto

I’m a lover of communications, exploration and nature, a curious, courage and persistent woman who always seeks to fulfill her dreams. I am a girl who is against monotonous jobs and wants to learn something new. That is why I chose to study Public Relations & Corporate Communications.

I am a born-and-raised Mexican woman, who has lived in more than eight cities in Mexico, an experience that has provided me with in-depth knowledge about my culture through the exploration of my home country as Project Manager for The Mexican Office for Domestic Affairs. As a result, I’ve had the opportunity to know beautiful landscapes and tasted a wide range of Mexican cuisine.

El Oro Mexico

© Carol Salinas | El Oro, Mexico

In 2018, I began my Canadian professional career as a contributor for the blog of the radio station VIBE105FM located at York University. During that journalism journey, I had the opportunity to interview some Canadian executive directors, such as Patricia O’Connell, of Sistering, a non-profit agency serving Toronto’s most vulnerable women.

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Recently, I moved on to Toronto to pursue a Postgraduate Certificate in Public Relations & Corporate Communications. Since this program started, as an International Student, I have enjoyed every moment of my stay at Seneca College. Also, I want to express that I am living a dream that has been in my mind for an extended time, which is studying and living abroad, particularly in a country whose official language is English. I really like the challenges, you know?

Having said all this, I present to you my blog Everything is PRsonal, through which I hope to show you who I am professional and personally.

Carol Salinas

© Carol Salinas | City of Toronto