5 Useful Apps for PR Practitioners

Technology often makes our life more comfortable, and apps are not the exception to this rule. These software solutions make our work more efficient and organized, especially for the public relations field, in which, as professionals, we need to be able to multitask. For instance, juggling clients, writing blogs or news releases on behalf of our companies, and coordinating with teams. EverythingisPRsonal asked some Seneca PR colleagues for their thoughts on which apps improve workflow and increase productivity. Their best answers are below.

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How to Write and Give an Appealing Speech

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Public Speaking is a communication ability which some people are born with while others have to learn by practicing. For this latter group, at least, the point is to confront your anxieties and force yourself to lose your fear of speaking to any audience. It does not matter if you feel that you do not know the topic well enough to discuss it in public. You can do your research in advance and prepare it for your target audience. EverythingisPRsonal brings you a brief guide to develop an appealing speech.

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How Do You Organize a Successful Media Conference?

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If you are a student or a graduate of Public Relations then surely you have heard about Media Conference. This is an open event for the purpose of announcing a service, product, or news about a business, as well as an invention or a medical cure. It is a meeting that journalists attend, and other representatives from companies related to the topic of the conference to cover the event and ask some questions. 

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5 Top Tips to Write an Engaging News Release

5 Top Tips to Write an Engaging News Release

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Press releases are valuable for private companies or non-profit organizations. They are external tactics used by Communications and Public Relations departments to engage with their respective publics. However, if you are a new PR practitioner, surely at this point you have realized that there are a large number of press releases formats in the world; as well as just the interchangeable terms of “press release” and “news release.” That being said, you shouldn’t try too hard to be unique when attempting to write a news release because according to the company for which you will be working, you will almost certainly be asked to follow a format previously established. Nevertheless, it is pivotal that regardless of the format you use, the finished release contains relevant information, is well-written, and is strategically positioned throughout.

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