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How Do You Organize a Successful Media Conference?

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If you are a student or a graduate of Public Relations then surely you have heard about Media Conference. This is an open event for the purpose of announcing a service, product, or news about a business, as well as an invention or a medical cure. It is a meeting that journalists attend, and other representatives from companies related to the topic of the conference to cover the event and ask some questions. 

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Afro-Caribbean Cultural Contributions and their Influence in Canada

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From literature to music, as well as other cultural expressions, African-Caribbean culture has actively participated in making Canada the nation that it is today. As a country with a wide array of cultural backgrounds readily on display – but also one possessed of a complex history based on slavery, colonization, cultural genocide, famine, and civil war – Canada’s Afro-Caribbean influences speak at the same time to the things that the country likes to celebrate and the things that it might like to forget. EverythingisPRsonal has all the details.

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The Real Threat to Canada’s Turtles

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For more than 200 million years turtles have survived and thrived on Earth. Unfortunately, seven of the eight species of Ontario’s turtles are now listed as species at risk provincially, and all of them are listed as at risk federally. In my opinion, this situation is due to a combination of human-caused factors. One is the loss of their natural habitats, the other is ongoing road mortality.

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5 Top Tips to Write an Engaging News Release

5 Top Tips to Write an Engaging News Release

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Press releases are valuable for private companies or non-profit organizations. They are external tactics used by Communications and Public Relations departments to engage with their respective publics. However, if you are a new PR practitioner, surely at this point you have realized that there are a large number of press releases formats in the world; as well as just the interchangeable terms of “press release” and “news release.” That being said, you shouldn’t try too hard to be unique when attempting to write a news release because according to the company for which you will be working, you will almost certainly be asked to follow a format previously established. Nevertheless, it is pivotal that regardless of the format you use, the finished release contains relevant information, is well-written, and is strategically positioned throughout.

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The A, B, C, D and E of Hepatitis.


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Yoga For Every BODY in the GTA

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5 Perks of Being Kind

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10 Habits to Become a Better Version of Yourself

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