5 Useful Apps for PR Practitioners

Technology often makes our life more comfortable, and apps are not the exception to this rule. These software solutions make our work more efficient and organized, especially for the public relations field, in which, as professionals, we need to be able to multitask. For instance, juggling clients, writing blogs or news releases on behalf of our companies, and coordinating with teams. EverythingisPRsonal asked some Seneca PR colleagues for their thoughts on which apps improve workflow and increase productivity. Their best answers are below.

#1 Facebook Marketplace

© gbksoft

Facebook Marketplace is best known as an app feature you can use for buying and selling products. However, one industry that may also benefit from its use is the PR professionals need to stay updated on the latest developments in communication technology.

“This is an amazing application for building media and community relations. It helps PR professionals maintain relationships with bloggers and influencers.” – Amer Aghyourli Zalt, PR student.

“Facebook Marketplace is a feature where you can find anything, from a small comb to a house, there is everything you can look for. Be it new or second hand; people are now using that platform because it’s easy and quick to sell and buy. It is surely not at the top, but it is coming up to compete with other platforms useful as well for PR practitioners.” – Meghna Tiwari, PR student.

#2 Planoly

Are you interested in giving a boost to your visual stories on Instagram? Planoly app is your solution. This is the first visual planner for Instagram, which offers you in a straightforward, clean and easy way to use. This app focuses on visual social networks, such as Instagram and Pinterest.

“It is an amazing and unique useful visual social media planner that there is currently on the market. You can plan and schedule your content, discover, and curate your visual material, track your analytics, manage and reply to your comments, among other things. I have found it quite useful as a PR practitioner because you can work either on your PC or on your mobile phone. I love it!” – Chlöe Crawford, PR student.

#3 Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a handy platform that helps monitor your businesses, like your website or eCommerce, in real time. With this application, you can check your metrics, generate reports for presentations, and make comparisons. All you need to start using Google Analytics is a valid Google account.

“I recommend for anyone who wants a more in-depth understanding of how they can properly utilize analytics and their services” – Nahjdla Seale, PR student.

#4 TikTok

© Howfinity

TickToK is an application that creates 15 second-videos; their target is High-school generations. You can engage with what you like or skip what you are not interested in. Also, you can create your own funny and original videos to give a unique multimedia content for a specific brand that you might be representing. You can add to your videos special effects, filters, music and more. If you don’t feel comfortable as a PR practitioner by using this app, whose target is focused on teenager’s generations, you can use influencers to convey the messages of your brand.” – Julie Hambleton, PR student.

#5 Canva

Canva is a great tool for PR professionals. It’s easy to use and gives amazing results. I’ve used Canva for over a year now and love it. From making memes to my CV, I’ve designed everything on Canva. It’s an efficient tool to know because in today’s world, PR professionals are also required to be good at designing. And Canva gives a good headstart.” – Srishti Palimar, PR student.

Are you interested in using these apps for writing appealing PR stories? Check out 5 Top Tips to Write an Engaging News Release or How Do You Organize a Successful Media Conference? to start using your smartphone with these useful apps.

Wait for my next post. Meanwhile, I leave you an infographic of this topic 🙂

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